G-Switch 3

Game controls:
---Player 1---
Mouse Left Button

---Player 2-8---
Set it from the game menu.

In this game your mission is to avoid any obstacles. Your character can switch gravity so this is your chance to win.
In this running game you can't stop, your character is running all the time to make decisions quickly.
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G-Switch 3 : Game Description

G-Switch 3

G-Switch 3 is the most recent edition of the popular game series which was created long time ago. The first versions of the game were using flash player, but the recent one is built using HTML5, so this means that you can play the game on all devices, including smartphones. The idea of the game is pretty interesting - you control a robot which is running on the platform. Your robot has a unique ability - it can change gravity and run upside-down. That's a very useful skill because you will have to overcome a lot of different obstacles on your way and only switching gravity can help you. The new version of the game features local multiplayer mode - it means that up to 9 players can play together using the same device. More instructions how to run this game in multiplayer mode and set the controls for all players you can find in the game.

How To Play G-Switch 3?

Switching gravity is the key to success in this game. Keep in mind that despite the fact that the robot can change gravity, it can easily fall down off the platform if you make a mistake so be careful. In this game your character is running all the time - this means that you have to make fast decisions, there is to no time to stop and think how to overcome another tricky obstacle. The game has a lovely graphics and I am sure that you will definitely enjoy the G-Switch 3 game at our website.

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